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Oil, Air and Cabin Filters.Automotive Products - Filters:
Oil, Air and Cabin

Oil Filters
     Our oil filters help remove damaging dirt and grit from oil, enabling it to clean, cool, seal and lubricate the engine more effectively. Approved for virtually all passenger cars and light trucks, our family filters are designed to exceed industry average efficiency ratings, and to meet or exceed automotive manufacturers’ requirements.  

Air Filters:
     Our air filters remove dust and dirt from the intake system before they can reach the engine.  Our family of filter products is approved for virtually all passenger cars and light trucks and meet or exceed automotive manufacturers' requirements.

Cabin Air Filters

     H.O.C. Lubricants also carries a complete line of cabin air filters which clean incoming air during heater, air conditioner and vent modes   Dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles will  reduce airflow into    the passenger compartment. If not replaced, eventually the heater and     evaporator (air conditioner)  may  be damaged  by corrosion.

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