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H.O.C. Lubricants - Industrial Division Services

     Whether you represent a major manufacturing firm or a small machine shop, chances Industrial Servicesare you've had a less than enjoyable experience with a local distributor of industrial products.  It may be your belief that a local distributor can't provide the services you need, fails to comprehend the severity of a single hour of machine downtime,  doesn't have the technical expertise to fully support your organization and serves as a barricade between you and the manufacturer of the products you use.  With H.O.C. Industrial nothing could be further from the truth.

Account Managers
     It is no exaggeration that H.O.C. Lubricants Industrial Division has an industrial service staff unmatched by any of our competitors.  The next time your industrial representative arrives for a service call, find out if that person is mechanical engineer.  See if he or she is certified as a metalworking fluid specialist by the Society of Tribologists and Lubricant Engineers.  Have they served previously as an on-site chemical manager for chemical manufacturer?   Chances are they won't meet a single one of these criteria.  With H.O.C. Industrial your account manager will meet all of these.

     Your facility Dip slides showing excessive biological growth in an industrial fluid sump.will be serviced by an account manager who is comfortable in any manufacturing environment, understands the demands placed on purchasers and engineers by upper management, has a thorough knowledge of your processes and can quickly find cost-saving improvements.

     One more important distinction - you will have a 24-hour emergency number where you can reach your account manager.  If that fails, you will have a backup number to call and an emergency service via this website.  Nighttime and weekend deliveries are available for those unanticipated problems.

Local Service, National Attention
     What about that distance between you and the manufacturer of the chemicals you use?  As a customer of H.O.C. Industrial you have direct access to the engineers and service representatives of both Castrol and Shell Industrial.  Unlike national accounts, your products are stored locally and your account manager won't live three states away.  For nearly every single customer of the industrial division, H.O.C. Industrial can have a representative on-site within an hour and a half - at any time.

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