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H.O.C. Lubricants - Industrial Division Services

Sampling and Analysis

     Whether you are quenching transmission parts, turning on a CNC lathe or running a multitude of hydraulic systems for a plastic injection molding operation you need to know what is going on inside your machines.  Most distributors offer oil analysis - but do they provide any sample kits for free?  Do they teach your maintenance personnel how and where to properly sample machine fluids?  Do they even know how and where to properly sample fluids?  It is alarming to discover how many industrial reps don't know the importance of sampling, the proper method of sampling or even how to understand the results if they do engage in sampling.  With H.O.C. Industrial, your account manager will be certified as a specialist in all metalworking fluids. 

What else could there be?
     Plenty.  On-site operator training, labeling, cost-saving initiatives, price-protection, free emergency deliveries... the list goes on.  Depending upon the volume of business you do with H.O.C. Industrial, we have tanks, hoses, pumps, reels, gauges and other equipment we can provide free of charge. 

The Big Question

     This question is asked constantly: "What is happening with oil prices?"  For U.S. manufacturers there is a combination of factors driving prices.  A weakened U.S. dollar, increasing global demand and a multitude of market conditions are driving the speculation price of oil higher and higher.  Nearly all industrial chemical products are directly related to crude oil prices, including synthetics.

     The rising prices of raw materials for industrial chemicals can be offset in a number of ways.  Conduct a thorough review of operations to ensure not only the proper chemicals are being used, but the best chemicals. 

     Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Most manufacturing facilities don't know in-house reclamation is a safe, viable option.  Reclamation can be performed in almost any industrial chemical operation outside food production.

     Stop the leaks!  Chemicals that are replaced in a facility have a significant cost beyond the initial cost of the chemical.  A leak of one-drop per second equates to 1,850 gallons per year.  That leak allows dirt and water into the system - leading to potential downtime.  Leaking oil costs much more than the original purchase price.  There are costs associated with cleaning it up, refilling the machine and the cost to dispose of the waste oil. 

Contact H.O.C. Lubricants Today

     Account managers are available today to visit your facility.  Contact us to arrange for an in plant visit.  You will be provided with a comprehensive proposal that includes cost-saving initiatives. or 615-533-8794.