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H.O.C. Lubricants - Industrial Division

Shell and Castrol Industrial Products     H.O.C. Lubricants is proud to offer the finest industrial lubricants and process chemicals in the industry.  Between Castrol® and Shell® brand industrial fluids we offer the quality and dependability unmatched by our competition.  

The Products

     Industrial professionals know the reliability of Castrol® and Shell® brands.  Maintenance personnel in any facility can attest to the importance of having the highest quality lubricants for machinery.  Manufacturing engineers and floor operators are well aware of the impact sub-standard process chemicals have on tooling, part quality and machine cleanliness. 

    With Castrol® and Shell® industrial fluids these concerns are put at ease.  Shell's Tellus® brand is the best selling industrial hydraulic fluid in the world and for good reason.  Castrol® is the largest metalworking fluid manufacturer in the world.  Their Syntilo® line of synthetic metalworking fluids outperforms any competitor line available.

The Services

    Additionally, H.O.C. Lubricants Division also offers a wide range of services to compliment the industrial division's strong product line.  Your account representative will not be 'an oil salesman.'  Industrial account managers for H.O.C. Lubricants Division are degreed mechanical engineers with multiple certifications in metalworking fluids (CMFS - STLE) and fluid safety (Hazwhopper) among others. 

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