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Transport Products - Motor Oils

Hollingsworth Oil Company Lubricants is the premier Shell distributor in central Tennessee and south-central Kentucky.  We feature Shell, Pennzoil, and Lubriguard heavy duty engine oils servicing hundreds of fleets, owner/operators as well as truck shops and dealers.  Hollingsworth Lubricants has the right products for you in bulk, drum or case goods.  Beyond our flagship brands, we carry a wide range of additional motor oils from every major manufacturer, click here to view those brands.

Rotella T Products  Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell ROTELLA®T with Triple Protection™  technology, a new and improved formulation designed to meet the new API CJ-4 service category for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Shell ROTELLA®T with Triple Protection technology provides significantly lower wear, exceptional deposit control and engine cleanliness for both pre-2007 engines and the latest performance and emissions systems technology found on new 2007 truck engines.  

Shell Rimula  Shell Rimula Super oils are high advanced high TBN/Low ash heavy duty motor oils for long oil and engine life in virtually all diesel engines.  Designed for fleet and off-highway use, Shell Rimula Super Oils offer the convenience of one oil for use in both the latest low-emission engines with exhaust emission systems as well as offering excellent performance in pre-2007 engines.
Lubriguard Logo  Lubriguard is a premium-quality, multi-grade crank-case oil for all-season use in commercial mixed-fleet engine operations. Lubriguard is manufactured to meet performance requirements in all naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines as well as all four-cycle gasoline engines. Lubriguard provides API Service Classification C1-4/SL U.S.  Recommended for all major automotive diesel and mixed fleet (diesel/four-cycle gasoline engines) operations in all service and under all operating conditions where the equipment owner specifies the additional performance benefits of multigrade oils. Shell Rotella T

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